Friday, 21 July 2017

Tambul Nebilyer counting set to enter elimination

Tambul Nebilyer Open. Primary count completed - 86 boxes.
Elimination to start tomorrow 22/07/17 after Quality Check.

1. Benjamin Poponawa 17,656
2. Paul Mawa 15,663
3. Win Bakri Daki. 12,767
4. James Kennedy Steven. 12,755
5. Gabriel Andadi. 6,647
6. Joe Kata. 4,602
7. Vincent Auli. 4,443
8. Philip Kerua Talpa. 3,675
9. Wanis Pawa. 1,907
10. Jack Tepu 1,857
11. Jason Nake Tokopa. 1,837
12. Moses Saka. 1,742
13. John Puri. 1,394
14. Gabriel Yer Kanamba. 1,285
15. Paulus Mosbi. 433
16. Philemon Was Korowi. 365
17. Moses Simbil. 15
18. Joe Bai. 02

....**Absolute Majority of primary count at 44,016**.......
None reached 44,016 on primary count so counting will proceed into elimination.

Note that the figure 44,016 of absolute majority will reduce as number of exhausted votes increases.

Exhausted votes are votes that have all three choices marked are eliminated.

Eg.....If my ballot paper has 1. Philemon Korowi. 2. Moses Simbil and 3. Joe Bai then my vote will exhausted because the three candidates of my choices all were eliminated.

Elimination will start from the lowest scoring candidate upwards until someone reaches the absolute majority.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

O'Neill heading to set world record


The election in Ialibu-Pangia has failed.

O’Neill had good reason to claim he would win on first count and be the first MP declared - his prediction had nothing to do with campaigning or public opinion. The election in Ialibu-Pangia has been a complete farce, rigged in so many ways, and is part of what will go down as the worst in PNG’s short history as a democracy.

In 1927, the Liberian President Charles King won the most fraudulent election on record, securing 234,000 votes in a country with just 15,000 registered voters. O’Neill looks set to break this record.

We, a group of opposing candidates, have damning evidence of election rigging, some of which has already been shared on social media. The full extent of this unprecedented fraud will soon be revealed as part of our imminent court case.

O'Neill has absolutely no respect for democracy, and even less for the people of PNG. He is solely concerned with clinging on to power so he can continue to steal without any oversight. It's not enough that O'Neill has overseen so much corruption and mismanagement, he is now dismantling our democracy, robbing the people of PNG of our right to remove him.

As we look to file action in the courts, we cling on to hope that our judicial system remains free of O’Neill’s influence. If it fails, we know O’Neill’s dictatorship is complete. We may as well look to declare a failed state, rather than a failed election.

Who's at fault - Ialibu-Pangia Polling?


Southern Highlands Regional Candidate Daniel Tulapi made specific reference to Section 130 (b) of the Organic Law on Provincial and Local Level Governments and pronounced Ialibu-Pangia polling on Sunday 2 July 2017 as unlawful (illegal).

The response to Tulapi's call by Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato in today's The National is very shallow and insubstantial. Gamato said he would have to check with his lawyers first before commenting on this matter.

Does that mean that the polling on Sunday was conducted without his knowledge? If so, then it can be concluded safely that the Ialibu-Pangia polling or election process has been hijacked or compromised by someone in the middle. Could it be his deputy, SHP Election Manager or Ialibu-Pangia Returning Officer? It's anyone's guess.

Realistically, I don't think Gamato was unaware of Ialibu-Pangia polling because the entire media outlets announced it since Peter O'Neill will vote as the Prime Minister.

So if Gamato is aware of Sunday's Ialibu-Pangia polling, why did he snubbed his lawyers for consultation to seek legal interpretation at the first instant, knowing awfully well that it will be unusual (uncommon) to allow polling to go ahead on Sunday?

The Organic Law is very specific and spelt out clearly that there shouldn't be any polling conducted on weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and public holidays. And polling must start at 8am and end at 6pm.

You cannot create your own laws to sanction polling to go ahead on Sunday. Failing to observe and operate within the confinement of the existing laws only shows your immaturity and incompetency to serve as Electoral Commissioner.

When the court nullifies and declare Ialibu-Pangia election as fail, the Electoral Commission will pork out another millions to conduct new polling. That's how costly it will be for one irresponsible action to detour lawyer's advice.

The question is/will be - who will be blamed for this mass?

Attached below:

The National Newspaper article - "The first seat to be declared in 2017 election will be Ialibu-Pangia seat. You mark my words" - Prime Minister Peter O'Neill declared that to the people of Oro during one of his selected trip.

How might the 2017 Papua New Guinea National General elections be failed?


WITH the recent controversies surrounding the 2017 general elections, many people are suggesting they should be declared failed.

So what does the law say about failing an election?

The laws governing our elections are provided under Organic Law on National and Local-Level Government Elections.

An organic law is a special type of law established by our constitution. The term organic comes from the fact is originated from our constitution that is unique to PNG and not adopted from other countries - most of our laws camed from Australia. For instance our criminal code was adopted from the Queensland code.

Section 126 of the constitution states that an organic law shall make provision (procedures) for appointment and procedures of the electoral commission. It includes making provisions for safeguarding the independence and integrity of the of electoral system, conducting of elections and right to dispute elections.

So in accordance with Section 126 of the constitution, parliament passed the Organic Law on National and Local-Level Elections.

It provides detailed laws (legal procedures and processes) on the appointment and powers of the electoral commission and how elections for National and Local-Level Governments (LLG presidents and ward councillors) are to be conducted.

Section 96A of the Organic Law on National & Local-Level Elections provides for the cancellation of an election.

It states that the Head of State (Governor General) may, acting on the advice of the Electoral Commissioner cancel or fail an election. However the Electoral Commissioner may only give such advice if acting on the recommendation of Election Advisory Committee.

This recommendation can only be based on circumstances where the Advisory Committee is of opinion that the proper conduct of elections in that electorate is not practical (possible).

So what happens if an election is declared failed?

Where an election for a particular seat or seats are failed or cancelled then the Electoral Commissioner must conduct a fresh election as soon as possible or in the opinion of Electoral Commissioner a time that is is practicable to do so.

So what happens to the sitting Member?

His/her terms expires after the date for the return of writ - this being 24th July 2017.

If the election is failed and writ is cancelled then their term expires on the 5 year anniversary of the date set for the return of writ for the previous elections (2012) 1st August 2012.

So by virtue of Section 104 of Constitution a Member of Parliament takes office the day after the date set for return of writ and his or her term expires on the day fixed for the return of writs for next election.

So this confirms that all Members of Parliament contesting elections as candidates are technically still Members of Parliament. They assumed office on 2nd August 2012 the day after the writ for 2012 General Elections was returned (1st August 2012) and their term will expire on the date set for return of writ for 2017 General Elections being 24th July 2017.

So what happens if an election is failed and date set for the return of writs is cancelled?

Well the date set for the return of writ is on 24th July 2017 so irrespective whether the writ is cancelled the sitting members term in office expires on the date consistent with 5 year anniversary of his/her term in office. The seat would be declared vacant pending supplementary election (By-Election).

So an election can only be failed by the Governor General acting on the advice of the Electoral Commissioner who is acting on the recommendation of the Election Advisory Committee and that recommendation can only be based on circumstances where it is not possible to conduct proper elections.

What would constitute circumstances that would not be possible to conduct proper elections?

Well in my opinion if the integrity of an entire election was completely compromised or materially affected - that is to say evidence of wide scale illegal practices, errors or irregularities that would significantly effect the outcome resulting a corrupt candidate being elected.

Examples may include:
- destruction or hi-jacking of a large number of boxes that would favor particular candidate:
- major natural disaster or civil unrest in the electorate preventing a third or half of the registered voting population from voting:
- many people (20%) not registered on the common roll would not be circumstances that would prevent a proper conduct of an election.

While it is an issue of concern the Organic Law also states no person may challenge an election based on the correctness of the Common Roll. This because the Common Roll will always be subject to human error and never be completely correct.

So who are the Election Advisory Committee?

Section 96C of Organic Law on Elections provides for establishment of Election Advisory Committee made up of three members:
1) Chief Ombudsman Commissioner (or his nominee)
2) A person nominated by Board of the Transparency International (PNG) Inc.
3) A retired judge or lawyer appointed by Electoral Commissioner after consulting Chief Ombudsman Commission and Chairman of Transparency International (PNG) Inc.

If there is one positive thing the Electoral Commissioner Gamato has done it was to re-establish the Committee to provide him advice in conducting the 2017 Elections.

The three members include:
1) Richard Pagen -Ombudsman Commissioner
2) Richard Kassman founding director of Transparency International PNG
3) Professor John Luluaki a lecturer at UPNG Faculty of Law

All three persons are prominent Papua New Guineans with impeccable standing and reputations in their professions.
While the it is beyond doubt the 2017 election has been poorly organised it does not yet warrant or justify failing the entire elections.

It is my view there is still hope that good and honest candidates will be elected.

Candidates still have the right to petition the Returning Officers and Advisory Committee to set aside boxes that have been comprised during the conduct of polling.

Unitech ballot papers burning in Lae during the Papua New Guinea general election. Image: PSK/PMC.

"Pastor caught with cash" - The root of corruption


Corruption has to be exposed at ALL LEVELS!!!

Its not the money bribery as you might be thinking...

Spirit filled believers, when you carefully study the Scriptures, the root of corruption is spiritual, caused by those serving in the church, and its fruits are reaped physically like as with our government, affecting national economy: 2Tim 3.8= Deut 28.15-68= Gal 1.8-9 for short.

1Tim 6.1;

"Let as many bondservants" (like Pastors) "as are under the yoke count their own masters" (like Jesus to Pastors) "worthy of all honor, so that the name of God and His doctrine may NOT be BLASPHEMED" (like it is being done here).

The act of Pastors involving in political corruption is a blasphemy against God;

"They PROFESS to know God, but in WORKS they DENY Him, being ABOMINABLE, DISOBEDIENT, and DISQUALIFIED for every good work." Titus 1.16.

Pastors are supposed to be leading their congregation in PRAYING for the national elections like some/few are faithfully doing.

In May 2015, I was offered a k100,000.00 (25/yr) sponsor for 4yrs theology degree by a mega church in PNG because the Lord was using me well in preaching that harvests people in deep satanic bondage in various categories very easily and thought I was the gifted man to build up their organization. They offered my teacher wife a job too in one of their many schools, and accommodation.

And here was a family man and woman who left their young promising scientific and teaching careers and a young children to preach the uncompromising Gospel and now without home and income and facing shortage of food and school fees at times and living by faith; But I told them;

"this is a rare offer on a golden plate, but it is NOT the Will of God. and Paul Mike is not easily bribed."

Ministers of the Gospel should not allow themselves to be prostitutes of bribery and material gain= self interest which amounts to SELF IDOLATRY.

1Pet 4.17 will not fail, and will pursue those Ministers of the Gospel who have prostitutes themselves CORRUPTLY during the election, or who run any Christian entity to their own gain and not bearing fruit will face the axe!!!

"For the time has come for judgment to begin at the house of God; and if it begins with us first, what will be the end of those who do not obey the gospel of God?"

Lk 13.6; "Christ also spoke this parable: "A certain man" (referring to God) "had a fig tree" (Gospel ministers) "planted in his vineyard" (church/ministry), "and he came SEEKING FRUIT" (soul harvests in TRUTH) "on it and found NONE.

7 Then he said to the keeper" (the Son of God) "of his vineyard, 'Look, for three years I have come SEEKING FRUIT on this fig tree and find NONE. CUT it DOWN; WHY does it USE up the GROUND" (church/ministry resources for personal benefit)?

""And even now the AX is laid to the ROOT of the trees. Therefore every tree which does NOT bear good fruit is CUT DOWN and THROW into the FIRE."" Mat 3.10.

To be executed by Isaiah 55.11;

"So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; It shall not return to Me void, But it shall accomplish what I please, And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it."

Kerenga Kua wants explanation on missing names on common roll

PNG National Party Leader Kerenga Kua wants an explanation on the roll cleansing exercise undertaken in 2015.
He called on the Electoral Commission to clarify this, amidst confusion at the polls with thousands missing out.
Kua wanted an explanation outlining what had happened.
The Australian Electoral Commission had help in carrying out the roll cleansing.
Kua said the PNG Electoral Commission has no excuse to keep quiet and must explain.

Monday, 3 July 2017

PNG Citizen offers PGK5,000 reward for reporting corruption in the 2017 NGE.

Charlie Gilichibi, a PNG citizen is offering PGK5,000 to any person who provide video footage of current MPs resorting to bribe and illegal practice in this 2017 national general election. Charlie is on Facebook and inbox him if you capture any footage of any corrupt practices by current MPs. 

Do the right thing and get rewarded. Good on you Charlie. Hope some organization like Transparency International PNG and others do what Charlie is doing to effectively fight against corruption in PNG, especially this 2017 NGE.