Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Cash, pigs and vehicles were donated to candidate to run his campaign - 2017 National General Election


Politics at its best in the 21st century in the Tambul Nebilyer Electorate! Had the privilege to witness the giving of the Kumbia (David Waria, Thomas Paka, Garry Laka) (4 council wards - Kokubiga, Numul, Olg and Akika) giving K35,000 cash, 23 pigs & 3 light vehicles ten-seater troopers, one open back land cruiser & a Dyna yesterday (28th May 2017) to Paul Mawa to use it for his campaign! 

This was a top up from the Kambi 1 team (Michael McKarlmarx Mell) (3 council wards _Alimb1,.Alimb 2 & Kukubalga) who gave K30,375 cash, 11 pigs the previous day (Friday). Two days ago (Thursday) Kambi 2 (5 council wards- Guim, Erriwapa, Korkor,Tapia & Paraka) gave K22,000 plus 8 pigs plus one ten seater!

Two weeks ago, the Kundulgas (3 council wards _ Dumakona, Kend & Penjpup) gave a total of K95,000 cash, 1 tenseater, 70 pigs + two cows!

This were all triggered by the Upkas (2 council wards - Waipip1 & Waipup2) including the UG5 (Rickson Jekal,Paul Berry, Michael W Kewa, Gabriel Akk & Wani Timbun) made up of the elites of the Upka Tribe who contributed K12,000 Cash, K30,000 in fuel vouchers, 3 tenseaters, one Toyota land cruiser VX, 17 pigs & 1 cow!

That's giving & commitment from a total of 17 council wards out of 34 council wards in Nebilyer Rural! The other 17 council wards are preparing to give their contributions! The people of Nebilyer need a leader for change! Yes We Can!

The desperate situation faced by Nebiliyans with lack of most needed government service such as good roads, schools etc is not an imagination but a reality shared by friends of Nebilyians who have visited us and understand why the people of Nebilyer are behaving like this!

These friends of Nebilyans include: Mark Tony Ekape-Chairman of Porgera Landowners Association_prominent leader of the Laiagam Porgera Electorate in Enga province who in fact was the first man to provide two land cruisers for Paul Mawa's campaign, one of which is the PR vehicle with speakers, posters etc & the other the open back cruiser that transports pigs n people 24 7. Mark from the Paul Mawa Team our utmost appreciation for your confidence n support!

Another friend of the Nebilyans who supported with another ten-seater trooper was Mr John Pombra, a business from the Moge Pangimb tribe in Hagen Central Electorate! We thank you gentlemen once again for the confidence + support! Yes we Can!



  1. Komb Kundulumb Komb Kundlumb7 June 2017 at 02:08

    For the good contribute to move the government power. Paul Mawa, you will be the member for T/ Nebilyer open seat, I believe you must.

  2. PNG's politics is very expensive.

  3. It's straightforward a very ordinary villager can interpret this concept:
    1-The people who contributed in cash , pigs, money and vehicles are all from the electorate that this particular candidate is contesting.
    As such they make it their business to support their candidate.
    2-With the down turn in economy and cash flow, the constituents know the burden of how to play politics to come out a winner at the end..
    3-If the constituents took the game onto themselves then there must be something wrong with the current MP.
    Furthermore the candidate himself has demonstrated in such a way that the people can't let him alone spend money and pigs to do his campaign irrespective of what your thoughts are.

  4. Nigel George Stewart II7 June 2017 at 21:53

    Primitives with high hopes for their candidate to win so he can then reimburse all he has taken from them with extra profit. It's more like a deal! Such candidates are barely leaders but rather are mere politicians which are certainly bound to become corrupt!! �� Crooked! ��

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